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I'm 20, I'm a med student, and I really want to be a cardiologist!
your pics are amazing! do u have any videos of u stething your gorgeous chest?
heartologist heartologist Said:

No, sorry!

Ran across this blog today, well worth a look, you heart people!

Any girls interested in helping me out with a little project? You’d have to take some pretty specific pictures.

If you want to know more, just ask my ask box :)

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i love your blog! :D
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Aww, thank you!


i fucking did it! 


No le creas. on We Heart It.

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Go go gadget gal!


Go go gadget gal!


Patient presents with a right bundle branch block, slight ST segment depression #EKG (Taken with instagram)



This is a type of diagnostic medical imaging, which produces a sonogram/ultrasound of the heart.

There are two methods of performing the procedure, one involves a transducer being positioned on the chest of a patient (transthoracic) - similar to pregnancy scans but on the chest - and another which produces a clearer image, requiring a probe/transducer being passed into the patient’s oesophagus (transoesophageal).

Echocardiograms are used to help identify and diagnose a range of cardiac conditions, providing visual images of the shape and size of the heart, stroke volume, atrioventricular valves, anatomical and/or congenital abnormalities and tissue damage (such as that associated with ischaemia and coronary heart disease).